How Long Can You Keep Ham In The Refrigerator-Complete Guide

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Ham is a type of pork that is popular in the United States. It can be eaten cooked or uncooked, and it comes in both bone-in and boneless varieties. Ham is also used in many different dishes, such as soup, salad, and casseroles. It seems like ham is already part of your meal for the week and is always included in the refrigerator. In this guide, we will talk about how long you can keep ham in the refrigerator, both cooked and uncooked. Also, we will provide some tips on how to store ham so that it stays fresh for a longer period of time.

How To Store Ham In The Refrigerator

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The best way to store ham in the refrigerator is to wrap it tightly in plastic wrap. This will help to keep the ham from drying out. You can also store ham in a resealable bag. When storing ham, make sure that it is placed on a shelf that is not near the door of the fridge. The door is the warmest part of the fridge, and this can cause the ham to spoil more quickly.

If you’re not cooking right away, keep the ham in its original packaging to decrease the handling of the meat. Rewrap carefully in plastic wrap, aluminum foil, a leak-proof package, or an airtight container if the initial package is open. The coldest part of the refrigerator should be used to store the meat.

How To Store Ham In The Freezer

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Keep in mind that freezing might change the texture and flavor of the ham. The nutritional content of the meat can be affected by little through freezing.

To achieve the highest quality, the ham must be frozen as quickly as possible after curing. If it will be frozen before cooking, put it inside its original pack rather than removing or cutting a hole in it.


If the ham is removed from its original packaging or if the original packaging has a hole, rewrap it snugly in moisture-proof plastic wrap or aluminum foil, or freezer bags. To keep maximum quality, double-wrap the ham and make sure it’s wrapped really tight against all sides of the meat to retain moisture. Mark the package with contents and date it so you know how long it’s been in the freezer.

If you don’t need the ham immediately, it’s best to freeze it. The faster it freezes, the better. Because they are the coldest parts in a freezer package, place them on the floor or against the wall of the freezer to speed up thawing. You can also keep the ham in the fridge for up to six months. When thawing, always use the refrigerator to prevent bacterial growth on the meat. Place it on a plate or container to catch any drips and allow several hours for it to fully defrost. Once thawed, cook within two days and do not refreeze.

How Long Can You Keep Ham In The Refrigerator?

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Storing ham in the fridge is only recommended if you plan on eating it within a week. If you want to keep the ham for longer than that, it’s best to store it in the freezer. The span of time that ham can be stored in the fridge depends on how it was packaged. If the ham is in its original packaging, it can be stored in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. If the ham has been repackaged, it can only be stored in the fridge for up to 1 week.


Moreover, cooked ham can also be stored. Ham that is sold uncooked can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. Ham that is sold cooked can be stored in the refrigerator for up to four days. If you are not sure how long your ham has been stored, it is best to check the expiration date on the package.


If you have any leftover ham, it can be frozen for up to six months. When you are ready to eat it, thaw the ham in the refrigerator and then cook it according to the package directions.

Tips For Refrigerating The Ham

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  • Slicing the ham just before serving will result in pieces that are drier and less juicy. Slice the ham only just before serving, as slices will lose moisture and dry out faster than uncut portions.
  • When freezing ham, use moisture-resistant wraps or bags. Wax paper isn’t moisture-proof and should not be used to wrap ham since it wouldn’t keep the moisture in the meat.
  • To keep the ham at its best quality, freeze it as soon as possible.
  • Do not put canned ham in the freezer. If you can’t find a shelf-stable version, take the meat out of the jar and wrap it well before putting it in the freezer.
  • Wrap the ham in aluminum foil or plastic before covering the entire piece if it contains a bone that might protrude through the wrapper.

Final Thoughts

Ham is a delicious and versatile meat that can be enjoyed in many different ways. When it comes to how long you can keep ham in the refrigerator, it is important to consider both the quality and safety of the meat. It is important to store ham properly because it can spoil quickly. If ham is not stored properly, it can cause food poisoning. If you are not sure how long your ham has been stored, it is best to check the expiration date on the package.


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